Stein Ulve Chief Executive Officer

Experience: Stein has 25 years of CEO experience in food, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. He has been CEO for stock exchange listed (Nasdaq) company in the US when the Sarbannes Oxley was introduced, Geschäftsführer in Germany and Managing Director in several other countries. He is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded and managed several successful companies. He founded Ayanda in 2000 together with Per Benjaminsen, which they developed from 0 k€ to 45 M€ by 2012. Stein got his M.Sc in Economics from London School of Economics in 1992 and participated in the General Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2011. In the later years founded and built Eevia Health Plc .

Other commitments: None.

Shareholding in Eevia: 2 119 714 shares

Petri Lackman Chief Technology Officer

Experience: Petri is a leading expert in Finland on extraction of bioactive compounds from natural raw materials. He has a Master of Science in biochemistry from the University of Oulu and has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and pharmacognocy from the University of Helsinki. Furthermore, Petri has served as a research scientist at VTT. Petri has 8 years of practical experiences developing products, employing new technologies and building up production processes.

Other commitments: None.

Shareholding in Eevia: None.

Harri Salo Chief Manufacturing Officer

Experience: Harri Salo has a 15-year strong career in operations and production management in international industrial business environments. Harri comes from a position at 9Solutions being responsible for health care delivery projects. Previously, he was head of operations at Specim and he has experience as a project manager from Nokia and Flextronics. Harri's educational background is a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Oulu (2002).

Other commitments: None

Shareholding in Eevia: 112 782