Rights issue 2024

Rights issue in Eevia Health Plc in June 2024

Eevia Health has decided to carry out a rights issue in which you are offered the opportunity to participate. Registration for subscription must take place during the period June 14 –June 28, in Sweden and between June 14 – July 2 in Finland

About Eevia

  • Eevia is a leading expert in identifying, extracting, and purifying natural compounds based on raw materials primarily wild harvested from the pristine Finnish and Swedish forests near or above the Arctic Circle.
  • The ingredients are extracted from inter alia organic bilberries, lingonberries, elderberries, chaga mushrooms, and pine bark. The Company also imports European elderberries from Central Europe to produce Feno-Sambucus 14, one of the anthocyanin products.
  • Eevia’s plant extracts are sold B2B via distributors as branded ingredients, which are used in food (nutraceuticals), drinks and cosmetics. The Company’s products are certified, natural, and sustainable.

Investment Highlights

  • Unique position, competitive advantages and sustainable, renewable raw materials.
  • Deep prospect pipeline and unique access to industry decision makers.
  • Yield and productivity improvements. Gross margins improved to approximately 60.8% in 2023 to facilitate profitable growth, and industrial investor interest.


Information memorandum
Subscription note (PDF-ENG)
Subscription note (PDF - SWE)
Digital subscription note (Bank-ID)
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Subscription price
The subscription price is SEK 0.60 or EUR 0.05

SEK 28.6m

Subscription period
June 14 – June 28 in Sweden and June 14 – July 2 in Finland

Subscription undertakings and guarantee commitments
The issue is secured up to SEK 14.3 million through subscription- and guarantee commitments

Use of funds
The proceeds shall primarily finance working capital, repayment of a short-term loan, recruitment/organization, investments/projects, general corporate, R&D, marketing and sales