Seinäjoki, Finland, May 18th, 2021 - Eevia releases an adjusted Interim Report for Q1-21 and makes plans to list its shares in Sweden. After a shareholders' decision on April 21st, Eevia Health Oy has changed its legal form from a private limited company to a public limited company and became Eevia Health Oyj. In the same decision the share capital was increased to EUR 80.000, which followed a pre-IPO equity issue of EUR 1,2 million completed in January 2021.


Eevia Health Oy, a Finnish producer of organically-certified plant extracts, has received large purchase orders from US customers for elderberry extract, which is very popular as an immune-stimulant.


Eevia Health Oy, a Finnish producer of health ingredients made from organically-certified plant extracts, has upgraded its green-chemistry manufacturing plant in Finland to meet strong demand from customers.