This is Eevia

Eevia Health Plc addresses global health challenges with bioactive extracts from natural, plant‐based raw materials that have clinically documented health benefits. Standardized plant extracts, with well-researched positive effects for human health, are sold B2B as ingredients to supplements, food, and cosmetic brands globally.

Sales reached approximately SEK 30 million in 2020 and is growing rapidly. During the first quarter of 2021, sales amounted to SEK 20 million, corresponding to a growth exceeding 500 percent compared to the corresponding period 2020.

The Company has established the following financial targets based on identified consumer demand and the production capacity, which the ongoing share issue enables;

  • Net sales above SEK 250 million
  • Gross margin above 40 %
  • EBITDA-margin above 15 %

On June 11th, 2021, Eevia announces that the Company has entered a multi-year sales agreement for the US market with a key international customer. The first three years of the sales agreement provide a minimum contracted total sales of SEK 100 million. The sales agreement secures an important part of Eevia’s sales revenues for the following years and it confirms the Company’s ability to serve larger world-class clients.


Invitation to subscribe for shares in Eevia Health Plc

Teaser: Invitation to subscribe for shares in Eevia Health

Sammanfattning: Inbjudan att teckna aktier i Eevia Health


Price per share
SEK 7,60

SEK 26,2m

Subscription commitments
SEK 15,2m (58 %)

Market cap (pre-money)
SEK 80m

Subscription period
June 2nd – 16th

Settlement day
June 22nd

First day of trading on Spotlight Stockmarket
June 29th

Lock up
12 months (senior executives, major shareholders, and board members)